Achieving Instant Results

Those unfamiliar with modern plastic surgery procedures might believe a person comes out looking great. While it is true that there are less invasive techniques today, they still have consequences before the beautiful shape appears. Any time a body is invaded there can be swelling, and bruises can result. Non-invasive procedures have their own issues, so there are no instant results. Health professionals using these methods do take the time to explain, but their patients are often upset that they will have to wait a week or even several months before they get what they desire.

Liposuction is an invasive procedure, and patients often find swelling is an issue. Bruising is generally confined to the area of insertion. It can take a week or more before the swelling and lumps disappear. While cool sculpting is not an invasive procedure, the fat cells will remain intact for a few weeks or months. They will eventually slough off and be naturally removed from the body, but the appearance of the person’s profile will not change until that occurs.