Cool Sculpting

Lasers have become a versatile tool in the world of medicine, and removing unwanted fat cells is a non-invasive procedure that is being performed on a regular basis today. The person undergoing this treatment will not be put under anesthesia, and they can expect the work to be done in the doctor’s office rather than the hospital. While the results can take up to several weeks or months to appear, it has begun to replace liposuction in many areas.

Cool sculpting uses a laser that does not burn the patient, but it does affect the fat cells underneath the skin. In the abdominal area, this has been a pleasant surprise for those trying to lose bulk. The procedure is to run the laser over the skin, and it works by zapping the cells underneath the dermal layer. These fat cells will eventually wither and be removed by the body with no further work in the doctor’s office.

One of the disappointments many patients experience when the procedure is first done is the lack of immediate results, and some of them are concerned the procedure did not work. It does take a few weeks at the minimum for the cells to be removed, but it will happen eventually. One of the other issues some patients face is the fact that several procedures might need to be performed before all their excess mass is removed.

One of the most positive aspects of cool sculpting is the ability to remove fat without any invasiveness to the body. There is no risk of infection in the area due to being opened, and the patient does not need to sleep through the procedure. It can be done in a doctor’s office, and this has also given it a boost in many places where the cost of hospitalization is high.